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TEAR 2.0.9 Pro cracked

TEAR 2.0.9 Pro

TEAR 2.0.9 Pro

TEAR is the #1 Mass Emailing Software that allows you to setup mutli-series autoresponders to replicate real conversations, increasing conversions exponentially! Anything you do online can be put under the scope & improved.

Версия: TEAR 2.0.9 Pro
Version : 2.0.9
OS : Windows
Price : $69

  • Multi-Response AR : Create long conversations with your leads to help maintain healthy IP’s and boost conversions through the roof!
  • Email List Importer : Upload your own list of email leads into this software. Don’t wait for list approval from other services like Aweber!
  • Custom Smtp/Pop3 : Use your own hosted smtp/pop3 for sending and receiving emails! Or even use gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc services!
  • Proxy Importer : Easily import unlimited proxy’s into the system from a file or url link. Bind them to SMTP accounts to mass mail Gmail, AOL Yahoo.
  • Custom Variables : Tons of tokens available such as: #ToName #Today #Month #FromFirstName. Or make your own custom Variables!
  • Text Spinner : Easily spin words, sentences, names and urls in your email bodies to ensure unique content and higher inbox rates!
  • Keyword Triggers : Boost Sales by setting custom responses triggered by keywords. Ex.
  • Email Ghosting : Keep your IP’s clean. Send email from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and receiver will see sent from: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Filters : Many custom filters offer extremely flexible responses to incoming emails. Feature not available in email services like Aweber and GetResponse!
  • Live Statistics : Always keep track of sent and pending emails! Break down your daily statistics to the minute!
  • Data Exporter : Easily export email lists into and out of the software. Your leads are always at your fingertips ready to make you money.
  • Timer Settings : Easily select specific hours of the day to stop the program from sending emails to replicate a real person.
  • Blacklist : Keep your IP’s and safe and clean. Import a blacklist of email addresses you want to avoid at all times.
  • Account Unlocking : Unlock your SMTP accounts at any time if blocked (Hotmail, Yahoo, Aol) A Decaptcher account is required…
  • Attachments : Easily attach images or other files to your email templates. A awesome feature restricted by other email services!
  • Tutorials : Don’t feel alone and helpless with our easy to follow tutorials! Let us help you start making money right away!
  • IP Tester : Always know which of your IP’s are working to ensure the best possible connections and success rates!
  • Always Updated : Not only has our programming team created this epic software, but we use it daily constantly making sure it’s working.
  • Email Leads Extractor : Extract your leads from your gmail/yahoo/etc… accounts into txt file. Re-monetize
  • Pre-Built Email Campaigns : Don’t know how to setup your autoresponder? Try out one of our free pre-built email campaigns!
  • Set Hourly Sending Limits : Have the ability to set sending limits that work best with the various requirements of your email accounts.

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