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Ultimate Keyword Hunter 1.2.0

Ultimate Keyword Hunter 1.2.0

Ultimate Keyword Hunter is a simple, free LSI keywords research tool but extremely powerful with it! Check it out!

Версия: Ultimate Keyword Hunter 1.2.0
Version : v1.2.0
OS : Windows
Price : $0

  • Find perfect words based on Google's top sites content
  • Configure number of Google's Top Pages to analyze
  • Configure target list of sites to analyze
  • Configure list of stop words
  • Configure words count in theme phrases
  • Real-time validation of your article towards chosen theme words
  • Advanced word/phrases list sorting and filtering
  • Load words/phrases list from/to csv file
  • Captcha basic handling added - NEW!
  • Any Language Keywords Support - NEW!
  • Morpho word analisys (stemming)
  • Extended search engines lists supported

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