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Project Supremacy v2 cracked

Project Supremacy v2

Project Supremacy v2

Project Supremacy V2.0 uses the most advanced on-page SEO tech to AUTOMATICALLY cause your web-site to skyrocket in Google…Because the fact of the matter is – you web-site could have 48329043849 backlinks…

Версия: Project Supremacy v2
Project Supremacy V2.0 will take the rawest of newcomers, local marketers, affiliate marketers, and whoever else uses it, and will make them more successful at what they do. Period.
Version : v2
Price : $449

  • The SEO Agency License - This will give you the unlimited right to use Project Supremacy on any and all client websites forever. This can also be an incredible value-add for new and old clients, and you will charge very handsomely for zero extra work on your part.
  • Client Hunter Software - Find hundreds of clients who want your services at the push of a button. This smart software will detect businesses whose websites need on-page SEO work. It will also pull up the relevant contact information so that you can quickly reach out and score new business hassle free.
  • Schema Competition - Lookup Press a button to discover which websites in your niche are already using schema effectively. Now, of course, most sites will not be using schema correctly but it is always good to know exactly what your competition is doing and this is how you spy on them ethically and effortlessly.

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