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FB Graph Beast 1.7 cracked

FB Graph Beast 1.7

FB Graph Beast 1.7

Facebook Graph search lets you use simple phrases to search for people, places and things that match specific characteristics. For example, you can search for friends of your friends in a new city you’ve moved to, look up photos by classmates from a specific time period, or see photos friends and others have shared with you from famous landmarks.

Версия: FB Graph Beast 1.7
So when you pair up phrases like, People Who Like, your current city, interests, or likes you can discover new markets you’ve never realized existed and discover groups of people who are ready to buy your offer. With this data you can laser focus your advertising to people who are already showing an ACTIVE interest in your niche. It's A VERY powerful way of lead research to find “golden” UIDs for Facebook marketing
Version : 1.7
OS : Windows

  • People Search Results Can Easily Be Extracted For Your FB Campaigns
  • Extract Hot Leads From Places Search Results
  • Extract Group Details In Just A Few Clicks
  • Easiest Way To Extract Information From Facebook Pages
  • Bulk Extraction Mode... The Beast!

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