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Guest Poster Pro 1.0.3 cracked

Guest Poster Pro 1.0.3

Guest Poster Pro 1.0.3

Guest Poster PRO is the amazing software lets you find high traffic sites in any niche that accept guest post quickly and easily.. We know that you will be extremely happy with your purchase, but want you to have full peace of mind. Therefore, we offer a complete 30 day money back guarantee with no questions asked. Get Guest Poster PRO now!

Версия: Guest Poster Pro 1.0.3
Version : 1.0.3
OS : Windows
Price : $50

  • Find Guest Posting Opportunities : Type in any keyword and find guest posting opportunities quickly and easily.
  • Contact Site Owners : Just click the contact button to contact your list of site owners from within the software. You can literally contact 100's of sites within minutes.
  • Saves Time : Automating this time consuming task saves countless hours that can be used on other activities.
  • Search Specific Niches : The keyword search lets you quickly and easily search for any niche regardless of size.
  • Create A Blogging Network : Save all of your search contact and create a blogging network that you can access over and over again for guest posting.
  • Export Contact List : Once you have saved your contact list it can be easily exported to a csv file.
  • Search Multiple Google Datacenters : You can search several Google datacenters around the world. Simply selection your desired location from the drop down menu.
  • Check the Authority : Check Authority via Pagerank and other traffic statistics to ensure sites are worth contacting.
  • Cross Platform Functionality : GuestPosterPRO is an Adobe AIR software that runs on both Mac and Windows platforms.
  • 100% Free Support : Support is available online through our help desk, which is staffed by US and UK employees. We are here to help you deal with any issue you may have.

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