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Telegram Tranx 1.0 cracked

Telegram Tranx 1.0

Telegram Tranx 1.0

Telegram Tranx (Pro Paid Version) - Telegram Filter & Channel Checker ISOLATION robot software token API (Token Czech).

Версия: Telegram Tranx 1.0
Version : 1.0
OS : Windows
Price : $200

  • No need to install and setup (simple and fast)
  • No need for technical knowledge to work with this app
  • High speed and stability in the investigation and resolution of non-healthy healthy tokens
  • Without involving your system without the need for mouse and keyboard (no need to program Telegram Desktop)
  • Allows speed control program and set the number of concurrent review
  • Unable to parse token unusable and burned
  • Very easy to apply and use
  • Can be used in servers and virtual instruments
  • It is based on the API and without involving the mouse and keyboard (for the background to do that)
  • Install and compatible with all versions of Windows
  • Permanent and free support and updates
  • And hundreds of other special features
  • Design and Programming: Programming specialized team and Shypvrk

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