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Ant Aladdin

Ant Aladdin

It's a Highly Effective Drag and Drop Backlink Building Software Tool to Achieve Higher Rankings. Instantly Build Complete "Drag and Drop" Style Link Building Campaigns Using The Brand NEW Aladdin SEO Software

Версия: Ant Aladdin
The great part about automated link building is that it saves you having to carry out a tedious task that can suck up all of your time. Time that you could spend on other, more productive tasks.
However, when marketers use automated link building tools there can be a fine line between "Overkill" and getting it "just right". With Oz's brand new Aladdin SEO software you not only get "drag and drop" access to the best, most authoritive platforms... You also get the features and functionality to create these links in a natural, layered, drip fed pattern.
With Aladdin you are able to quickly design "drag and drop" SEO campaigns using the built-in drag and drop campaign builder. With this you are able to create multiple, strategically layered backlinks from a number of top authority platforms.

  • Strategenie Component: This is the heart of Aladdin. Design & deploy backlinking strategies using the user-friendly drag-n-drop interface.
  • Network Activation Component: Use account profiles to connect Aladdin to your Web 2.0 accounts and your PBNs in preparation for content syndication and link building.
  • Content Development Component: Create, edit, spin and save content for syndication. This component includes an integrated spinner.
  • Human Emulation Component: Make your content syndication and backlinking appear natural. The User Emulation module spaces out the posting of your content so it looks more natural. This protects you from account closure and Google penalties.
  • Biometrics Component: Make your content unique for syndication without losing readability of the content.

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