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Donations for WooCommerce cracked

Donations for WooCommerce

Donations for WooCommerce

Online donations is a phaenomenon that has been getting a foothold in recent years more and more: users make donations to support cultural projects, to collect for fundraising initiatives, to express their gratitude for a service or a product they have received.

Версия: Donations for WooCommerce
Whether it is a matter of few euros or of considerable amounts, if you want to create a site that gives you the possibility to make donations, what you need is certainly a simple solution, as versatile as possible.
It is generally rather hard to obtain selfless contributions from our customers, especially considering how hard it generally is to convince them to buy something, which is why a donation system needs to be qui, simple to yse and efficient.
In order to meet this need and offering the opportunity to turn a simple e-commerce store in a tool designed to collect donations, we have created WooCommerce Donations!


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