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Pinger Jeet 1.1 cracked

Pinger Jeet 1.1

Pinger Jeet 1.1

Pinger Jeet is a blog pinging tool that will ping your blog to over 80 Internet search engines or blog services faster than any other pinging software. Give your website or blog the maximum exposure instantly with Pinger Jeet.

Версия: Pinger Jeet 1.1
Pinger Jeet is a very fast pinging software that you can use to ping search engines and other content websites when you update the content on your blog. Pinging tells the search engines to come collect the fresh content from your blog and it brings your content to the Internet faster. That's why Pinging is very important and every blogger should ping the search engines whenever she creates new content. Pinger Jeet does the job for you.
Version : 1.1
OS : Windows

  • Big ping list covers all major search engines and blog lists.
  • Ping all your websites at the same time. Together!
  • Load your list of websites from text files.
  • Live updation of the ping queue tells you how fast you're going and how much work is left.
  • Easy too use software works on the push of a button.
  • The fastest pinger on the Internet. Did we tell you that earlier? Yes, it's the fastest pinger. It saves you time!

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