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Bookmark Alpha

Bookmark Alpha

Bookmark Alpha is our second "Alpha" software tool following on from Video Synd Alpha, and as the name suggests its an automated social bookmarking tool and is way beyond our Social Bookmark Commando tool (which is still being supported and updated and still on sale).

Версия: Bookmark Alpha
A Lot of the tool will look familiar to Video synd alpha users as we kept features such as the Long Tail Synd Alpha tool, captcha, proxy and spinner settings and a few more. VSA users will find this tool very intuitive as they will be familar with the various settings.
Version :
OS : Windows

  • The Most Powerful, Easy To Use, Social Bookmarking Tool Around!
  • Drives Fast Rankings & Traffic, Built Especially For Video Marketers But Will Work For Ranking Websites Too!
  • Built In Unique, Proprietory SEO Strategies Made Push Buttton Simple!
  • Intelligent Tiered Linking : Automation & Tiered Linking is the least we should expect from SEO software tools these days. We have taken this to a whole new level by adding proven, effective, intelligent tiered linking that does not exist anywhere else
  • Intelligent SEO Strategies : We have built in simple & advanced SEO strategies and made them push button simple. These are unique, proprietory strategies that just plain work, and won't be found on any other bookmarking tool.
  • Intelligent Site Management : Bookmark Alpha works with multiple platforms, with unlimited sites and unlimited accounts from those sites. Used with our built in strategies this is extreme power, especially for video marketers!
  • Works With Multiple Platforms To Give You Options Of 1000's More Sites!
  • Add Your Own Sites!
  • Built in multi platform site scraper with "bad neighbourhood" filterering!
  • Bulk 301 Url Shortner To Make Your Links Look Natural!
  • Lazy Backlinks IFTTT Strategy To Backlink Your Money Url Even More & Hands Free! *NEW
  • Easy Project Management
  • Our Own Built In Email Servers
  • Proprietory Long Tail Synd Tool
  • Built In Proprietory Push Button SEO Strategies That Work!
  • Automated, Multi Threaded, 1 Click Bulk Account Creation & Posting
  • Auto Indexing & Pinging!
  • Live Links Checker!
  • Easy Re-use of Your Accounts On Multiple Campaigns!
  • Easy Import & Export Of Your Profiles & Accounts
  • Advanced Site Management
  • Set & Forget Auto Scheduling with Drip Feed
  • Works With Popular 3rd party Indexers, Spinners, Captcha Solvers & Proxies
  • Multi Task With Different Tools
  • Make Unique Tiitles & Descriptions Easily
  • Designed With Video Marketers in Mind, But With Built In SEO Strategies For Websites too!

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