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Skype Suite 1.0.36 nulled

Soft4 Skype Marketing 7.15

Soft4 Skype Marketing 7.15

Rounding out the top chat software, user support Skype chat, instant messaging and video calls on your computer with ease.

Версия: Soft4 Skype Marketing 7.15
Just install Skype is you can send messages, share files and talk to your friends, your relatives via video. But few people noticed that this is a powerful marketing tool can bring you long-term revenue streams from the internet. Business more effectively with Skype Soft 4 Marketing.
Version : 7.15
OS : Windows

  • Automatically send messages and make friends to bulk users Skype
  • Users automatically filter and connect with Skype users
  • Automatically filters telephone and email on the website, forum ... ..
  • Automatic import contacts from a .txt file, even on the list have different and more information are also still enter
  • Automatically send bulk message to Skype account with speed 2-3 seconds / news
  • Save results send when the machine is turned off suddenly
  • Accounts from Excel Import Skype: Skype can import a list from a text file or series excel.
  • Statistics detailing the message was sent, the message received, the message is waiting

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