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Linked Dominator 2.6 cracked

Linked Dominator 2.6

Linked Dominator 2.6

With a growing base of more than 300 million users, LinkedIn has become more than just a digital resume database. LinkedIn is considered the world's largest audience of influential, affluent professionals at one place. An estimated 50% of LinkedIn users are the final decision makers for their companies. Marketing on LinkedIn definitely needs your full consideration if you want your business to succeed and grow.

Версия: Linked Dominator 2.6
LinkedIn provides numerous social media advertising solutions to increase brand awareness and lead generation. You can reach the most influential and educated audience with your well-managed LinkedIn marketing strategies. But are you happy with how you are using LinkedIn? If you are going to get the most from LinkedIn you will need to do more than just list yourself.
Here's where LinkedDominator comes to your rescue!!!
Version : 2.6

  • Linkedin Search : If you want to search people or company information by their name then you can use this feature to have the details of their profiles.
  • Compose Message : Send direct messages to all your first connections in no time.
  • Linkedin Scrapper : Scrap the data you need for your robust social media marketing initiatives and campaigns.
  • Add Connection : Add connection easily through email or just key words.
  • Msg Group Member : Instantly message many group members outside your network .
  • Create Group : Create groups and send invites to join the group in jiffy.
  • Join Friends Group : Join your friend's all/specific groups you want
  • Join Search Group : Find groups for a particular niche and join them right there
  • Group Status Update : Post updates to your required groups easily.

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