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VideoSpinn 1.0

VideoSpinn 1.0

Video Spinn is an innovative desktop app (for both Windows & Mac) that allows you to create hundreds — even thousands — of unique videos with just a few mouse clicks. It can easily create randomized slideshow videos using folders of video clips and/or images.

Версия: VideoSpinn 1.0
Version :1.0
OS : Windows
Price : $37

  • Fast Bulk Video Creation – it can easily create up to 100 unique videos just by entering a few simple fields & spinning a few dials. You will now have plenty of unique videos to insert as ‘related videos’ to your YouTube channels… so your videos rank higher for their keywords
  • Optional Intro And Final Image/Clip – Brand your videos with optional intro & final clips… insert your logo or contact info to make your video more memorable to the viewer
  • Video Transitions – Engage your viewers longer with pro level effects to stay glued to the screen – Video Spinn has a full range of transition options, including cross dissolve; fade to white; fade to black; slide from right/left/top/bottom; & zoom from or to center.
  • Optional Audio Clips – Select from the Continuous option, which pulls one of your audio clip from the Music Folder per video & loops it for the duration of the video… or select the Random option, which randomly pulls music files & inserts them into your videos for you.
  • Supported Video Formats – Video Spinn supports inserting .MP4 .MPG .AVI .MOV .FLV & .WMV clips to your finished videos
  • Supported Image Formats – Images in .JPG .PNG .GIF .BMP. TIFF file formats are supported by Video Spinn
  • Select Your Own Filenames – The ability to enter your own file names is a large advantage, because you can easily enter your keywords as your file names… which means higher ranking & free traffic
  • Spin Option – Select this option to let the software randomly add the exact number of images & clips you want… for unlimited & unique videos on demand
  • Join Option – Creates a single video from all the images or videos in the Resource Folder, joined together alphabetically, to effortlessly create ‘authority videos’ which build your brand & reputation.
  • Watermark Option – Protect your videos from being ripped off by other marketers
  • Supported Audio Formats – .MP3 .WMA .WAV .ACC audio files are supported by Video Spinn
  • PC & Mac Compatible – Video Spinn is compatible with both types of machines… simply select the best option for your needs
  • Includes Quick Start Guide & Video Walkthrough – We have included a simple-to-follow Quick Start Guide in order to get your 1st project set up in just minutes from now. Of course, because we want to ensure your success, we have also included a video walkthrough Video Spinn. Watch along as you see a campaign set up in real time.

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