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6Sec Blaster 1.09 cracked

6Sec Blaster 1.09

6Sec Blaster 1.09

With the help of 6Sec Blaster you can search for vines from 4 different sources: twitter, custom link, vine.co based on keyword or search on vine.co popular page. Downloading is done almost instant, and after that, you have various options that will allow you to select only the viral vines. For every vine downloaded you will see the number of likes, Facebook shares and Twitter likes.

Версия: 6Sec Blaster 1.09
Version : 1.09
OS : Windows
Price : $37

  • Generate Vine compilations on the fly
  • Download hundreds of videos in minutes
  • Search for viral vines on 4 different sources
  • View the vines popularity and keep what's viral
  • Option to give credits to original author
  • Compatible with Windows Xp Sp3/Vista/7/8 and all Server Editions
  • Download vines from 4 different sources (vine, twitter, popular page, custom link)
  • Custom templates for intro slides of vines
  • Preview slide modifications
  • Duplicate vines (so you can show a vine multiple times in your compilation)
  • Auto generate SEO optimized description/tags for your video
  • Sort the list of vines based on number of likes, shares or tweets
  • Set custom length to intro slides
  • Auto-update system so 6Sec Blaster is always up to date

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