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KD Publishing Pro 1.4.10 cracked

KD Publishing Pro 1.4.10

KD Publishing Pro 1.4.10

KD Publishing Pro allow you to create, fomat and one-click publish your books to the kindle marketplace, all within a central control panel, try to fomat, manage and publish multiple kindle titles per week.

Версия: KD Publishing Pro 1.4.10
Version : 1.4.10
OS : Windows
Price : $27

  •  Create new Kindle-ready books within your control panel
  • Upload existing books to edit, or just format for Kindle
  • Automatically format your entire book for Kindle
  • Automatically insert and format your Table Of Contents
  • Synonym replacement feature making it super-easy to pump out unique quality content fast!
  • Push button marketplace submissions - no more logging into KDP
  • Multiple Kindle accounts – great for publishing agencies
  • Total Kindle management - all of your Kindle submissions, uploads and working files are kept in one single control panel
  • Integrated sales reporting – see your best performers at a glance
  • Delayed book submission – if you're publishing and uploading dozens of books per session, this setting will help prevent red flags at Amazon, by creating a delay between submissions or even a new IP address for each submission (totally optional)
  • Choose from dozens of high traffic eBook directories to submit to, based on Alexa traffic rankings and their SEO backlink power
  • Select and submit your book teaser, including a link to your main paid listing on Kindle
  • Enhance your submission with a title, author, description, category, tags, URLs and more
  • Bypass the captcha with an auto captcha setting
  • Auto submit to 30 (and growing) of the highest traffic eBook websites at the push of a button

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