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KDPulse 4.2 cracked

KDPulse 4.2

KDPulse 4.2

KDPulse shows all your Kindle stats in one dashboard. Just click to see sales, KU pages, rank, reviews, stars, more - all in 1 screen!

Версия: KDPulse 4.2
Amazon didn't make it easy. You want sales stats - login to KDP. You want reviews, go to the book page, or Author Central. It's gonna take you a while to get all those stats together and then they'll be out of date quickly.
KDPulse has all stats and your book link/ASIN and makes doing promotions easier too.When you want to do promotions, you need access to your book and stats. KDPulse gives you the link to each book. No longer do you need to remember the link or ASIN to your book. Just click or copy the link to paste into all those promotion forms. Easily track the Kindle stats of competitors!
With a simple click, import the stats of any competitor's Kindle book and keep track of it. Great for comparing and also to see how their books are doing during their promotions.

  • Live Sales and Pages Read : You can see Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days, Last 30 days worth of Live sales, pages read, and free downloads.
  • Reviews and Stars : Easily see your review counts and stars for each book. You can always know which books need more reviews.
  • Auto Finds All Your Books : Once it's installed, just click Import My Books. If you're logged into KDP, it auto finds all books & grabs all stats.
  • Makes Book Promos Easier : Every Title is a link to your book. Click to get description, or right-click & copy/paste to give Amazon Link or ASIN.
  • Links to Important Kindle URLs : Links to KDP Bookshelf, Reports, Author Central, Best Sellers, New Releases, Manage Devices, & Send to Kindle.
  • Best Sellers Rank : It's not the most important stat, but it sure gives you an idea of where your book is, and it's good to see. Never forget to change the price again : Ever change a price to try to get a little sales love and forget to change it back? See the price of every book.
  • Even More Stats... KDPulse shows Author/Pen Name, Publish Date, Pages, and every title is a link to the book - click or copy/paste.
  • Track Other Books for Sport : Keep track of a favorite author's or competitor's books.Add 'em to the Other Books tab to get all stats except sales.
  • Current Book Promotion Sites List : Always on the hunt for book promotion sites? Now you can get an up-to-date list just a click away in KDPulse.

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