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Mass Video Generator 4 Elite

Mass Video Generator 4 Elite

MVG it's a software designed to automatically create UNIQUE videos in bulk (with unique music, text, images and effects) for all of your keywords (keywords can be dynamically passed to the content of each video so your vids look more relevant), even if you never created a single video before.

Версия: Mass Video Generator 4 Elite
Version :4
OS : Windows
Price : $28

  • We've Simplified Everything. Even Those Things That Are Time Consuming Like Getting Images For Your Videos or Cutting Long Mp3's, Are Easily Solved With a Couple of Clicks.
  • Instead of creating plain "Slideshows", MVG has different features to automatically create good looking videos, videos that your visitors will watch (it doesn't make sense to upload lot of videos if people will stop watching them after 2 seconds).
  • Making each video look targeted to your keywords (Relevance), is a second powerful way to call the attention of your viewers and make your videos convert better.

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