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Mass Video Blaster Pro 2.38 nulled

True Tags 2.0

True Tags 2.0

True Tags - You're not yet beating your Competitors because you really don't know what they are ranking for. True Tags will expose their True Ranking Power!

Версия: True Tags 2.0
Version :2.0
OS : Windows
Price : $12

  • YouTube decided that they did not want to depreciate the power of tags as a ranking factor, so they simply started hiding the real tags on most videos.
  • If you're looking in the video page source and see the tags in the "keyword" section of the source, then I assure you that most of the time you aren't getting the actual tags used in that video.
  • I can also assure you that pretty much all of the software you have that pulls video tags for you is really doing nothing more than what you were doing manually.
  • Checking in the keyword section for the tags that YouTube says it's using.
  • Did You Ever Notice...
  • You uploaded a video, you seo'd it to the Nth degree, yet some other joker was out ranking you all over the place, and even had a lot more page one rankings in Google for a lot of keywords that weren't even in the title, description, or tags of his video?
  • You just couldn't understand how this person is managing to do this - Does Google just love this guy for some reason? Actually, No.

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