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TWhatsApp Group 2016 1.0 cracked

TWhatsApp Group 2016 1.0

TWhatsApp Group 2016 1.0

Would not you simply import a list, with any number of mobile phones and send your image, audio or videos to all of them? And they all receive the WhatsApp? PROGRAM VERSION IS USED TO GROUPS SEND WhatsApp CUSTOM FOR EVERY CUSTOMER

Версия: TWhatsApp Group 2016 1.0
Version : 1.0
OS : Windows
Price : $57

  • The program adds a number to the group
  • Send advertising
  • Removes the group number!
  • In this way the person receiving can not mark as spam or block because it has been removed from the group
  • This way you send a large amount per day, with no limits and no lockouts
  • Some information you need to know about TMMS WhasApp
  • Why send images, audio or video
  • As you make your campaign today?
  • You get panfletando?
  • Advertises in newspapers?
  • Put signs on the street?
  • How about having something really professional?
  • The TSMMS WhatsApp send any number of images, audio or videos in bulk for WhatsApp, do it online, importing lists of any size and giving reports of each cell with WhastApp you received your message
  • The operation
  • We do the simplest thing, after all you just import a list of any size, place your video, image or audio and click SEND From there the rest of the program does alone, shipments, reports etc.
  • Why use WhatsApp
  • Mainly because it is a brand new channel of communication with your future client, send pictures, videos or audio to the mass WhatsApp today It is the same as doing telemarketing in 1910, shortly after the invention of the telephone, or email marketing in 2003, early in the internet
  • A picture is worth a thousand words?
  • And an audio?
  • And a video? What has image, audio and motion?
  • Discovery
  • Never in human history has achieved so many people at the same time with so many tools like WhatsApp And our program came to not only boost your sales or service, but to a boom in your marketing campaign

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