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Video Synd Alpha Xtreme

Video Synd Alpha Xtreme

Video Synd Alpha, Video Distribution Software, Creates accounts & syndicates videos to video sharing sites. 14 Unique SEO strategies Built in!

Версия: Video Synd Alpha Xtreme
Version :
OS : Windows
Price : $197

  • Video Sharing Site Account Creation
  • Automated Hands Free Indexing & Pinging of Published Videos
  • Automated Video Spinning Between Each Upload to make Every Video Different Byte Size
  • 10 second Social Bookmark Profiles Set Up! (24 sites in total)
  • Automated Back-linking From IFTTT Strategies
  • NEW Fan page Video Syndication & Ranking Strategy Built In!
  • Automated YouTube Channel Networks For 100’s of Internal YouTube Links Every Time You ever Upload a Video to Your Main YouTube Channel!
  • YouTube Link wheels 2015 Style!
  • Favorite a Video and It Gets Linkwheele’d too…Say What!!!??? (YEP It Sure Does!)
  • favorite All Your Older Channel Videos Too and Linkwheel Them By Clicking a Button!
  • Long Tail Web 2.0 Posting To Be Added (In Desktop version of Web 2.0 Commando Strategies)
  • Sharing Site Account Creator for 6 top video sharing sites!
  • Can Add YouTube, Flickr & Photobucket Manually Too
  • Easy project management to re-use your profiles & accounts for multiple videos, and build authority to your sharing site accounts!
  • Advanced SEO Strategies made Push Button Simple!
  • Use Our Wizards To Index,Ping & Bookmark Your Videos Instantly & Hands Free!
  • Auto Spinning Of Videos to make different byte size with every upload!
  • Create entire campaigns in minutes!
  • Create entire campigns with just one high quality video using our video spinner to make every video unique byte size!
  • Integration With 3rd Party spinners, captch solvers and Indexers!

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