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Turbo Web 2.0 v2.53 cracked

Turbo Web 2.0 v2.53

Turbo Web 2.0 v2.53

TurboWeb 2.0 Submitter is offering the flexibility and quality of manual link building, but it automated mode.Just setup your campaign and let the application do the work for you.

Версия: Turbo Web 2.0 v2.53
When it comes to link building and SEO technique syncing the latest Google updates, marketers should never ignore the power by quality web 2.0 blog network. Building a premium private blog network is not an easy thing that it requires much time and energy on it. However, TurboWeb 2.0 Submitter transforms the hard work into an easy stuff that everyone can handle it with simple set up and clicks. All you have to do is to place your campaign and let the application do the work for you automatically along with quality of manual link building.
Version :2.0
OS : Windows

  • Speed : By using our custom coded engine, the application will be vey light on system usage (low CPU and memory usage), allowing it to run fast even on low performance computers.
  • Easy to Use : Simple and easy to understand interface. Wizard task creation step by step process. Detailed video tutorials to help you get started.
  • Visual Script Builder : Create your own templates by using our point and dick visual script builder. Create backlinks where your competitors can't master any niche by using your own secret websites.
  • Captcha Support : Built in support for the most important captcha services (8 captcha services + custom service). Smart captha retires based on the solving order set by the user
  • Regular Updates : We are constantly adding new features and follow users requests. We are weekly checking the included list and fixing the templates if required. Database website list is constantly increasing.
  • Accuracy : We know that the success rate is very important for you. Our templates are made to offer the best accuracy possible. Even if you wrongly configure a task, on the run step, the application will modify some data on the fly, in order for the submission to comply with every website request.
  • Ongoing Support : We are dedicated to offer the best support you can rely on. You have a question? You need support for any type of issue? We are glad to help!
  • Blogs Management : Register one time and submit as many times as you desire. There is no need to register everytime you need to submit You can export account (usemame, passwords,. emails, backlinks, etc) to .td tiles Of to excel.
  • Import Articles : Ready made articles can be imported from articles generator applications. Option to import/export articles from other tasks.
  • Proxy Support : Public and private proxies are supported. The proxy management interface comes with the options to test proxies, check response time, import/export list, delete bad proxies, etc.
  • Integrated Email Account Creator
  • Automatic retries if a step fails
  • Automatic Captcha Retries
  • Automatic account generation settings
  • Spintax support for every possible field
  • Advanced Scheduler
  • Automatic Updates
  • Nice and easy to use Interface
  • Detailed video tutorials Extensive support by tickets, community forum or IM
  • New features adding and new websites by request

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