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Mass Advert Viber PRO 3.0 nulled

Soft4 Viber Marketing 6.3

Soft4 Viber Marketing 6.3

With Viber, everyone in the world are able to connect for free. Viber number of users more and more, accompanied by huge demand in new market segments this potential.

Версия: Soft4 Viber Marketing 6.3
Stemming from that demand, we have completed and provide adware on Viber - products support users to send advertising messages to all those who use Viber.
Version : 6.3
OS : Windows

  • Automatically send messages and pictures to bulk users Viber
  • Users automatically filter and connect with the phone number are using Viber
  • Automatically follow the birth of the first available phone number (If you do not have a list of numbers available)
  • Enter a list of files automatically from .txt, .csv
  • Automatically send bulk message to a phone number with a speed 2-3 seconds / news
  • Save results on Viber messaging when the machine is turned off suddenly
  • Enter your phone number from Excel: you can enter a list of phone number from a text file or series excel.
  • Statistics detailing the message was sent, the message received, the message is waiting
  • Automatic stop when weak network connection, automatically run when the network stability program
  • While software runs not affect other activities of users
  • Account manually change viber (This feature only premium version)
  • Send Message multinational

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