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Tube Tags & Titles 1.0 nulled

Tube Traffic Scraper 4.3

Tube Traffic Scraper 4.3

Tube Traffic Scraper - optimize your videos to show up in the 'Related Videos' section of YouTube and get piggy back views from high traffic videos.

Версия: Tube Traffic Scraper 4.3
This powerful custom software takes a 3 hour (miserable job) and knocks it down to a 10 minute hands-off computer automated job and allows you to...Rank For Short-tail Keywords!
I have been using a ninja video marketing tactic for the past couple of years that allows me to attain targeted traffic volume from short tail keywords without actually doing any of the work or spending any of the money that my competitors do. In fact, I'm going to tell you exactly how I do it - So don't view this page as a "sales page". Instead, view it as high-end training that you get for free. Yes, I have something to sell you, but aside from that, you're still getting this training for free, and myself as well as a few other astute video marketers are taking full advantage of this method that results in massive ultra targeted traffic flow from videos.
Version : 4.3

  • 1- Do your YouTube search for your target keyword.
  • 2- Copy the title/user from each of the 20 listings on the first page of the results.
  • 3- Go to each of the 20 pages and copy the titles/users of everyone that shows up as 'related'.
  • 4- Create your video
  • 5- Do metadata optimization
  • 6- Upload the video to YouTube
  • 7- Do onpage optimization by copy/pasting the titles/users you collected earleir.
  • 8- Done. Just kick back and wait to start showing up as related. Sometimes it's near instant, other times it takes weeks, but overall it always happens. It will happen with each keyword/related in it's own time. (it's easiest to think about in terms of a drip system that YouTube controls the flow of.)

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