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TPost Groups 2016 1.0 cracked

TPost Groups 2016 1.0

TPost Groups 2016 1.0

The TPostGrupos, AUTOMATICALLY put in all the groups you belong to, several times a day, so your post appears in profile more than 100 MILLION people, that with just a few groups, we estimate that you can achieve much more!

Версия: TPost Groups 2016 1.0
TPost Groups, post 1 time and comment 5 times on each post. TPost Groups, post 1 time and comment 1 times on each post.
Version : 1.0
OS : Windows

  • Place your advertising directly in groups
  • Appears in all profiles of all persons participating in the group
  • 95% of viewing
  • Very but very fast even
  • works alone and automatically put
  • No submissions limits
  • totally free support
  • There are ways to make media on Facebook that are really effective and impressive
  • one of them is part of numerous groups, where there are thousands of people who also participate
  • and post DAILY in all these groups, or if possible SEVERAL TIMES during the day
  • however do this manually is virtually impossible to imagine that you participate in 200 groups
  • and the participant average of these groups is 10,000, then posting a veze in each of them you
  • will be seen in 2,000,000,000 (two billion) of personal pefis facebook, but do this manually
  • It is not feasible.

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