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Reddit Bot v1.0.2.1 cracked

Reddit Bot v1.0.2.1

Reddit Bot v1.0.2.1

This program allows complete automation of the monotonous tasks that help to build your reddit accounts Followers, Subscribers & in turn, video interactions.! This application has been developed to work within Windows operating system only. Full customization of accounts & delays is available within all of our bots.

Версия: Reddit Bot v1.0.2.1
Version :
OS : Windows
Price : $50

  • Bypass API - Acts Like A Browser User
  • Fully Multi-Threaded - Run Up To 100 Threads Per Instance
  • Multi-Account Management - Support Unlimited Accounts
  • HTTP Proxy Compatible - User/Pass Authentication & IP Authentication
  • Link Proxies To Accounts / Load Proxies Seperately / Reload Proxies From URL Every X Minutes
  • Built In Proxy Checker - Checks For Valid Proxy Access & Also To Check If Banned From Site
  • Spintax Compatible - For Use With Commenter & Other Features
  • Full Process Logging - Reports All Actions - Can Be Disabled
  • Cookie Usage - Uses Cookies Between Sessions To Prevent Constant Logins
  • Captcha Support - Supports Manual Entry, De-Captcher & DeathByCaptcha
  • Built In Spintax Checker
  • Automatic Updates & Update Checking

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