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HydraVid Pro 3.119 nulled

Mass Video Blaster Pro 2.38

Mass Video Blaster Pro 2.38

Mass Video Blaster let you upload videos from YouTube, whether it's about the hottest video game to hit the market, some sweet a** music video, the newest diet or weight loss product on the market, latest movie trailers , or any video that you can think of, dosen't matter.

Версия: Mass Video Blaster Pro 2.38
Version : 2.38
OS : Windows
Price : $97

  • Multi Threaded Uploader you will be able to upload up to 5 videos in the same time
  • Multiple Account Support you can add as many youtube accounts as you want. Each account will be checked and you will be notified if any account has problems or got removed
  • Proxy Support you can assign to each account a different proxy.
  • Auto ReUploader if one video gets removed , Mass Video Blaster will auto ReUpload it creating a nightmare to the flaggers
  • Video Dashboard manage all your videos from a single dashboard , see how many views each video has & how well it is ranked .
  • Disable/Enable Comments/Ratings
  • Unlist/List Videos this way you will always have a fresh video when you need it
  • Trick YouTube duplicate filter you will be able to upload 100 times the same video and we guarantee you won't see any duplicate video screens
  • Upload type MVB pro supports both YouTube API and fully supports WebBrowser simulation
  • Custom API Key Enter your custom API Key and APP Name so you know you don't leave traces on YouTube
  • Image/Text watermark You can either create your watermark in your favorite image editor or MVB pro can make it for you
  • Watermark options You can specify the final size of the watermark (in percentage with the video size) and also the position (top left,top middle, top right, bottom left etc...)
  • Proxy scrapper [new] Scrape thousands of proxies in seconds from various public proxy lists
  • Views Statistics [new] Trace your views and see how your campaigns progress
  • Schedule [new] You can now schedule videos or campaigns. You can tell MVB Pro to pick random dates when to upload/list/disable comments/add annotations/add captions.
  • Change thumbnail [new] After the video is processed on YouTube MVB Pro can now change the thumbnail for a video
  • Custom annotation settings [new] Start time of annotation, end time, text and background color + link
  • Simulate human behavior [new] Before doing actions or uploading MVB Pro has the option to simulate human behavior (like browsing, subscribing, etc....)
  • Subscribe to channel [new] Right after login you can tell MVB Pro to randomly subscribe to a channel
  • Change audio with description [new] MVB Pro can turn your text description to audio and add it to the video
  • Integrated HMA [new] Simply select the HideMyAss installation folder and before each login, MVB Pro will reconnect HMA to get a new fresh IP

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