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Auto blogging software 1.0 cracked

Auto blogging software 1.0

Auto blogging software 1.0

The Most Powerful Auto Blogging Software - This Software Grabs Content From Other Websites, Just Like Google Does and Posts To Your Own Blog!

Версия: Auto blogging software 1.0
Version : 1.0
OS : Windows
Price : $99

  • You won't believe until you see it in action! The software uses a highly complicated algorithms to grab content from websites just like the way Google and other major web players read your website for content after filtering out the unwanted fluff.
  • Actually when a feed is downloaded, the software will visit each of the article item' original website and grabs the full-text content for posting in your own Blog.
  • "It Will Also Post Unique Content By Translating It More Than Once, Automatically"
  • It is well known that Google hates duplicated content but did you know that simply by translating the content from one language to another and then back to the same language using online translator services will result in unique content? Yes, it works!
  • Translating the content multiple times may result in slight grammatical errors but translating once should be fine. Using Google' Translated search feature, it is very easy to find feeds in foreign language which you can add to the software and it will translate the content to your desired language before posting to your blog.
  • "It Makes The Posts Look Natural and Hand Made By Posting Images On Your Own Website"
  • The software can grab the image associated with the article and uploads to your own server before posting to your Blog so there is no reference made to the original websites.
  • In case of free Blogger.com blogs, the software can upload the images to any FTP server you specify. (Completely optional!)

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