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QueenSoft Turbo Whatsapp Sender

QueenSoft Turbo Whatsapp Sender

This application differs from all other, because it doesn't allow users to import channels. It can work only with emulators, e.g. Andy, Bluestacks, Genymotion. You can send around 400 messages through one channel and it's going to be blocked only in 4 hours.

Версия: QueenSoft Turbo Whatsapp Sender
This app allows you to change the sending speed and pauses between messages. You can send not only text messages, but also images, audio and video files.
Version :
OS : Windows

  • Sending messages to numbers WhatsApp.
  • Messages with text, pictures, video, Audio
  • 100% delivery
  • Up to 10-100 Message
  • 1 Hour 100K
  • Works on emulator (Andy, Bluestacks, Genymotion). The software requires a lot of computer resources.
  • Multi Accounts
  • Sending messages — up to 400 items from channel
  • Vcard, Image, Location, WebLink
  • import/export channels
  • change device ID
  • support emulator Andy, Bluestacks, Genymotion
  • save info: Sent / Delivered / Failed / Completed / Incompleted / Whole
  • channel blocked only 4 hours

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