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Playinator v6.0 cracked

Playinator v6.0

Playinator v6.0

Playinator is an easy, efficient and fully automated software to increase YouTube views - that will increase the views in all of your videos, and will NOT freeze them at the 300 views mark!

Версия: Playinator v6.0
Version : v6.0
OS : Windows
Price : $69

  • Playinator (since version 4.0 and now with the V6 edition), instead of using proxy servers and “simulations” of real user behavior (which will freeze your videos at 300 views), now uses a wide network of users and computers (i.e. a hierarchical clustering system), that sends fully buffered real views to your videos, so YouTube sees increased genuine activity in your video clips, and thus with every new view, it increases the number of total views your content has.
  • With Playinator, you are guaranteed to get more youtube views every day!
  • This system is 100% bullet proof and it is indistinguishable from any other authentic YouTube views. This also means that all of your videos will be safe from getting banned/deleted and since version 4.x of Playinator, your videos will not be breaking the YouTube TOS anymore.
  • Proxy servers and other “tricks” are no longer used. So, from now on, you will be able to check your YouTube account (The “YouTube Insights” section) and see the traffic from Playinator being reported as valid visitors (mostly from North America and Europe) – this doesn’t happen when using bots and proxy servers.
  • Anyway, add enough views to your videos, and you’ll be heading for the #1 spot on the first pages in no time!
  • Also, did I mention that this comes with absolutely no risk to your videos? YouTube doesn’t really check for such activity (like “views increasing”) – and you can check our Help/Faq section for even more details on how to make this views-increasing process even simpler and more secure to both your channel and videos.

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