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Gmail Email Address Grabber 2.5 nulled

Power Scraper PRO v1.0.0

Power Scraper PRO v1.0.0

It scrapes Crazy fast and hightly targeted emails – designed for the sole purpose of going big and making huge money; Power Scraper also Scrapes leads in a new and revolutionary way…

Версия: Power Scraper PRO v1.0.0
from Social Media! No one else does this! – Just as a quick reminder, Power Scraper is Competely ethical and safe. Our built in “Safe Scrape” Technology will ensure your emails get delivered and your accounts don’t get banned.
Version : v1.0.0
OS : Windows

  • Power Scraper does what no other scraper does! Last Gen scrapers either use Google API or they scrape from Google searches. The problem with the API approach is that you’re limited to only 50 emails. Well, that’s just not going to cut it when you’re doing cold email marketing. You need thousands!
  • The Google searches approach isn’t much better, either! You’re getting the same old tired leads that everyone else is using. Chances are the recipients host email platform has already banned emails from your autoresponder anyway. So, inboxing is going to be very low.
  • Look how easy Power Scraper is to use! You get tens of thousands of fresh emails in only four easy steps!

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