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ASINspector 1.5.2 + PRO 1.6 cracked

ASINspector 1.5.2 + PRO 1.6

ASINspector 1.5.2 + PRO 1.6

ASINspector integrates into your Google Chrome browser as an extension, streamlining your product research. Extract rank, sales volume, estimated revenue, find out where it is being sold on other sites, source product and more without ever exiting your browser. Simply type a product in on Amazon and instantly get results and do this in multiple countries.

Версия: ASINspector 1.5.2 + PRO 1.6
If you are selling, know someone who is selling products on Amazon you will not want to do it without this tool. This will save you hours of work and allow you to be able easily beat your competition. You can find niche products to easily rank on Amazon.
Version : 1.5.2 + 1.6
OS : Windows/MAC/Linux

  • Estimate Monthly Revenue
  • Find Niche products quickly and easily
  • Know what your competition is doing volume wise instantly
  • Works in multiple countries
  • Find the product on other sources and compare such as Alibaba, Ebay (co,uk, ca, fr), Walmart, Target, Etc
  • Categories and Nodes where you will want your product coming up!
  • Graph with history pricing!
  • Easy to use with any screen size!
  • Extract your data to Excel/CSV, no limit to the amount you can extract!
  • Use the tool right from AMZ product page, category page and seller page
  • Allows you to alter the pricing to see how the numbers will change based on different scenarios!
  • Much, Much, More...
  • Allows you to sort by any keyword, product, category and find what is selling the most on Amazon
  • You can ethically “spy” on your Competition by Quickly gathering whatever Data You Choose
  • Works with Mac or PC - One click seamless installation into your Chrome browser means it works with any operating system and runs lean.
  • Works with any country you may be in.
  • Allows you to see what other competing sites such as Ebay, Walmart, Etc to see what pricing they are offering if at all.
  • Easily source it on Alibaba and Aliexpress to see what price you might get the product at.
  • Find out instantly what the monthly revenue is for any product you want.
  • Quickly sort by most revenue made with one click
  • Know instantly what rank, reviews, ratings, price of any product, niche, category you want.

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